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Las Vegas Auto Upholstery Mobile Repair Specialist

Dr. Vinyl of Las Vegas has been widely renowned in mobile vinyl, leather and fabric auto upholstery repairs for over 30 years and offers the most advanced repair services in categories such as: Repair and dye of automotive and upholstery vinyl, leather, fabrics, plastics, carpets, and more. We repair car seats, dash boards, head liners, steering wheels, windshields, headlights and more. We repair marine upholstery for boats, furniture in homes, and retail and business furniture.

Over 30 years of experience has allowed Dr. Vinyl to become the #1 leader in the USA for mobile upholstery repair. Our state of the art technology in micro repairs allows us to make those holes and tears disappear. All products used are researched and developed through our national R&D headquarters to ensure lasting repairs. If we can not repair it, we can recover it. No other company can achieve results as fast or economically as Dr. Vinyl. "We save you Time and Money!"


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